GOP Rep. Nancy Mace goes full DARVO

Nancy Mace leans hard on DARVO (deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender) in her attempt to discredit E. Jean Carroll's rape at the hands of Donald Trump.

When questioned by ABC host George Stephanopoulos, Representative Nancy Mace denied Trump had done anything wrong, attacked Stephanopoulos, and then made the rape victim, E. Jean Carroll, out to be the bad guy. DARVO.

"It's actually not about shaming you," Stephanopoulos noted. "It's a question about Donald Trump."

"No, you are shaming me," Mace insisted.

"You've endorsed Donald Trump for president," the ABC host observed. "Donald Trump has been found liable for rape by a jury. Donald Trump has been found liable for defaming the victim of that rape by a jury. It's been affirmed by a judge."

"It was not a criminal court case, number one," Mace fired back. "Number two, I live with shame. And you're asking me a question about my political choices, trying to shame me as a rape victim. And I find it disgusting."

Stephanopoulos pressed Mace several times, and she accused him of shaming her each time.


Nancy Mace won't answer the question. She supports a rapist because she wants to stay in Congress.