Photo agencies yank photoshopped picture of Princess Kate and family

After undergoing mystery abdominal surgery and being out of the public eye for months—and after her husband, William, had to skip an important event without explanation—the Princess of Wales' health is under intense scrutiny and subject to conspiracy theories. None of this will be helped by a badly-photoshopped picture of her with her family released yesterday by the palace, which photo wires were forced to recall once the edits made to it were seen.

The AP instructed members not to use it. Check out the sleeve and hand in the crop from the image—a Photoshop Nightmare-tier mangling indeed.

Here's the original publicity shot in full. There are other tell-tale things in the pic, I think: the blurring on Kate's right hand is what happens when the app filters something you're playing with so it doesn't look aliased as a result of other manipulations. Which is to say, you can tell by the pixels.