Texas mom and daughter arrested over illegal butt injections

Consuelo Dal Bo, 56, and daughter Isabella Dal Bo, 18, were arrested this week in Texas after a sting operating targeting illegal butt injections. The pair were charged with practicing medicine without a license, a misdemeanor, and their sloshing bladders of mystery brown butt fillers were confiscated. It's not the same mom-and-daughter pair who killed a customer under similar circumstances.

Court documents reveal the women went to a home to perform the butt injections on a customer, who was actually an undercover peace officer, and they planned to charge $6,000 for the service. The women apparently were "not even sure what was in" the injectables — described as "an unlabeled brown liquid," a motion for bail written by the Harris County District Attorney's Office said. "This fundamentally demonstrates how remarkably dangerous these acts were," prosecutors wrote.

Remember: just as you would insist on choosing your own lumber at Home Depot rather than letting them pick it out for you, you should insist on selecting for yourself the perfect ziploc gallon bag of home-made Sculptra from the trunk of your practitioner's car. Ask them about their manufacturing process: ideally, it should have been mixed in a barrel of silicone emulsion and spaded out with an old dog food scoop within the last six months. No new butt is complete without at least one necrotizing abscess.