Passenger on New Zealand Boeing flight says pilot said he "lost control after instrument failure"

50 people were injured yesterday when a Latam Boeing 787 entered a sudden dive on the way to New Zealand, and it's still a mystery exactly what happened. But a passenger on the flight told CNN that the pilot said he lost control of the jet after an instrument failure.

After landing in Auckland, Jokat said the pilot checked on the passengers and explained he had temporarily lost control of the jet.

"I immediately engaged with him and said, 'What was that?' And he openly admitted, he said, 'I lost control of the plane. My gauges just kind of went blank on me,'" Jokat said.

"He said for that brief moment he couldn't control anything and that's when the plane did what it did. Then he said the gauges came back and it reengaged, the plane just reengaged to its normal flight pattern. And we had no issues before, no issues after. But just that moment."

A "technical event," they called it. And I was just looking for a name for my genrecore pop punk EDM project.