The moment when the Special Counsel was forced to read their own words about Trump

Yet another big deal Republican congressional inquiry back fires in their face.

Special Counsel Hur has been proven to have done a terrible job. The one big revelation the Republicans thought they got, Biden's memory lapse, was fiction. Here, Representative Dean forces Hur to read his words, slamming Donald Trump's behavior while excusing Biden.

Hur didn't ask the president about his son's death; Biden brought it up himself during a discussion about how he stored documents at a rental home in Virginia after leaving the vice president's office in 2017.

And Biden recalled the specific date that Beau died, although he briefly wondered aloud about the year as the conversation toggled between various events.

"What month did Beau die?" Biden mused. "Oh, God, May 30th."

A White House lawyer interjected by saying, "2015."