Buck moves to end Boebert's chances

Jeopardizing Beetlejuice fan Boebert's future and surprising Speaker "MAGA Mike" Johnson, Colorado's Ken Buck, quit Congress early.

The Republican margin in Congress grows ever thinner as Ken Buck has resigned. For Boebert to run in the special election for that seat, she'll have to resign from Congress. If she doesn't, she'll find herself running against an incumbent next year, as she's already quit running for her old seat and is polling poorly for Buck's old one.

"He has come to the conclusion, as quite a few folks have in the House at this point in time, this place is not not worth it anymore, and Buck realized that and decided not to run," Martin said. "But he's so frustrated now he says, 'Take this job and shove it – I'm leaving next week.' It's an extreme version of where a lot of people are in the House. He just says it out loud."

Boebert had switched districts after Buck announced his impending retirement to avoid a stiff challenge from Democrat Adam Frisch in the 3rd district, but Buck's immediate departure will set up a special election in which the state Republican and Democratic parties will choose a nominee – and there's no guarantee they'll pick the controversial Boebert.

Further complicating matters, Boebert would have to resign her seat in the 3rd district to run in that special election because Colorado law prohibits a candidate from running for more than one office at a time, and her resignation would set up yet another U.S. House special election before the end of the year.


Seems like Buck is sick of it and hates them all.

**Update: Boebert will run against the new incumbent and not resign to run in the special election. Tough times, maybe she should resign to spend more time with her family, some of whom may be in jail.

A Boebert resignation would also trigger a special election for her seat, which could flip for Democrats.

Boebert announced Wednesday she won't resign from her district to run in the special election for Buck's seat.

"I will not further imperil the already very slim House Republican majority by resigning my current seat and will continue to deliver on my constituents' priorities while also working hard to earn the votes of the people of Colorado's 4th District who have made clear they are hungry for a real conservative," she said in a statement issued through her campaign.

Buck's seat went for Trump by more than 18 points, making whichever Republican wins in June the heavy favorite to represent the seat starting in January.

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