MAGA surrogate Elise Stefanik takes credit for bill she voted against

Elise Stefanik, the QAnon-curious MAGA representative from New York, has never been one for humility. Her fondness for herself is so strong that she even takes pride in herself when a bill passes that she voted against.

Yesterday, Stefanik, the "Stain of Staten Island," tweeted:

I am proud to announce that I secured $1,857,000 for a Water District Development Project for the Town of Massena in this year's appropriations process. This funding will go toward providing public water service to the residents of Massena. #RESULTS #NY21

The only issue with her self-congratulatory claim is that she actually made significant efforts to eliminate funding for the project. However, true to MAGA form, she now pretends that she fought vigorously to secure the funds after they were granted to her district, despite her attempts to withhold them.

Unfortunately for Representative Stefanik, a Community Note has been attached to her tweet, which reads:

Funding came from the Inflation Reduction Act Bill R. 5376 that Rep Elise Stefanik voted Nay along party lines with every other Republican.

But while the rest of the world is laughing at the crafty Trump surrogate, she knows her base will continue to support her regardless of what she says. MAGA supporters do not vote for candidates who will actually improve their lives or communities; they vote for candidates who feign adherence to their ideology.