"Make the RNC White Again:" leadership abandons vestige of minority outreach

Money spent recruiting minority voters doesn't get spent on Donald Trump's legal bills.

It seems clear the ROI was low for Republicans investing in minority outreach, so hey, why not cut it? The new Lara Trump-led RNC is abandoning one of its few programs left that attempts to recruit minority voters into the "conservative" fold. There isn't much money left in their machine, and Donald certainly wants it for himself.

According to The Daily Beast's Roger Sollenberger, "The program at issue is an initiative from the 2022 midterms where RNC field staff engaged voters through gatherings and events held at community centers in areas with heavy minority populations, most specifically Latino communities."

The RNC initially had almost two dozen of these centers throughout the country, but in January closed down all but five of them in California, Texas, and New York.

"At the time … the RNC chalked the closures up as a temporary byproduct of its budget cycle," said the report. "However, the organization also announced that it was preparing to double down on these efforts for 2024, opening 40 new centers in Latino, Black, Asian American, Native American, Jewish, and veteran communities across the country. That would include establishing outposts in key battlegrounds like Las Vegas, Nevada, Tuscon, Arizona, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Allentown, Pennsylvania."

Now, one source told The Beast, the RNC's tagline might as well be "Make the RNC White Again."