Multiplayer Spider-Man game leaked, then immediately cancelled

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 was an ambitious project that aimed to bring the spectacle of the comic page into video game form, and in large part succeeded. Even more ambitious, however, would have been Spider-Man: The Great Web, a multiplayer spinoff of that game. You would have formed teams of four Spider-People from across the Spider-Verse, banding together to swing across the city, take on crime and look great doing it.

The trailer was recently leaked, hyping up players – only for the immediate, secondary revelation that the game had also been canceled internally long before the leak.

Still, this is a tantalizing look into what could have been. Playing as Spider-Gwen or Miguel officially would have been amazing, but we'll have to resort to mods for that. With this and The Last of Us 2's multiplayer also being canned, it seems Sony is going all in on single-player games.