A game where virtual friendship turns nightmarish: KinitoPET's psychological horror experience

With a few notable exceptions, I mostly play "cozy" games, so I have no idea what drew me to the psychological horror of KinitoPET. I am in the very small minority of people who didn't hate Microsoft's Clippy, so Kinito, a cute animated axolotl office assistant, may have just drawn me in. When starting up, KinitoPET transforms your PC into what looks like OG Windows complete with Minesweeper and Pinball, which you can, and definitely should, play. 

Kinito starts out being cute and helpful (like Clippy?) but soon takes a turn and becomes obsessed with becoming your best friend, whether you like it or not. Maybe Kinito is more like Bonzi Buddy than Clippy. Kinito comes up with some games for you to play and asks increasingly weird questions to get to know you better and gets super mad if you don't answer the way he wants you to, especially when he asks for the name of your best friend. 

KinitoPET is more of a creepy experience than a scary game, and also pretty short, but it is worth checking out just for the innovative way it integrates things like your actual desktop folders with the faux Windows XP desktop. At one point Kinito brings up a fake command line window that will convince you that you are being hacked. It is Windows only because of the tight integration into the OS.

Axolotls are critically endangered neotenic salamanders. Their remaining habitat in the wild is a single lake in Mexico City and you should consider adopting one. I mean, look at them:

Speckled Leucistic Axolotl. Credit: axolotlowner/shutterstock.com

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