Marjorie Taylor Greene explodes after news that Fani Willis can continue: "I've filed multiple complaints!"

As expected, after Donald Trump lost in his attempt to disqualify DA Fani Willis from the Georgia election interference case, Marjorie Taylor Greene lost it online. And so did the rest of the rabid MAGA mob.

And to make things more enjoyable for the rest of us, Meidas Touch Network collected dozens of their posts for an easy, entertaining read.

"Fani Willis lied under oath in his courtroom!" Marjorie Taylor Greene Xitted, channeling her inner Karen. "I've filed multiple complaints!"

"Another POLITICALLY MOTIVATED Judge!! Fani Willis should be DISBARRED, her boyfriend prosecutor should be FIRED, and all CHARGES NEED TO BE DROPPED!" shouted Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson. "Americans are SICK of these endless witch hunts!"

Other Trump puppets doing the required jig included Indiana Rep. Jim Banks: "…I am disappointed. Fani Willis is as crooked as they come! It is impossible for [Donald Trump] to get a fair trial!"

And former NY police commissioner Bernard Kerik, who was sentenced to prison on felony charges but pardoned by Trump: "Corruption at its best!"

Fake far-right news outlet The Gateway Pundit: "There is no justice in America today."

Alan Dershowitz via Newsmax: "This is a scandal…"

And on and on it goes. Read these — and many others — in full here at Meidas Touch.