Yuck! Donald Trump flirts with woman at Mar-a-Lago: "You're driving me crazy!" (video)

Donald Trump doesn't even try to act like a U.S. presidential frontrunner anymore, preferring instead to behave like a creepy uncle who openly hits on the young ladies milling around Mar-a-Lago.

As he did when he ambled into a room filled with Florida's primary voters, presumably today, and was approached by a young MAGA fan who asked him to sign her red cap. "Look at all these beautiful women!" he said.

And as if that wasn't cringey enough, he then doubled down, nearly falling down as he leaned toward her, a cupped hand reaching over as if he might grab her by the… Oops, on second thought, "You're driving me crazy!" he blurted out, suddenly remembering where he was. (See video below below, posted by Patriot Takes.)