Delusional Trump thinks the SCOTUS can give him his buildings back

Apparently, things have gotten so bad that Trump thinks the Roberts Court could save him from his NY civil penalties.

In the past, I do not believe anyone would contemplate that the Supreme Court would agree to hear whatever odd appeal Donald Trump will file to try and drag his New York state civil penalties before them. In a signal of how bad things have become with our Supreme Court, it seems Trump and his allies believe this is a possible path. There is no way to return his buildings to him after they are seized and sold off, and it'd be such an incredible stretch for the Roberts court to wade in, it seems unbelievable but here we are.

A third possibility, however, is to let the deadline pass, leaving it to New York Attorney General Letitia James to seize Trump's bank accounts or buildings — including Trump Tower, from which he declared his 2016 presidential run, and which famously includes his personal penthouse. 

It's an option Trump appears to have considered – partly because he believes the chances are good that he could recover the assets on appeal, even if he is forced to take his case to the US Supreme Court, according to friends.

"Even if there is a taking, it doesn't mean he can't take it back later," a source close to Trump told The Post.

NY Post