GOP congressman apologizes for telling MAGA colleague to "Go f*ck" himself on hot mic (video)

Congressman Mike McCaul hurled the F-bomb toward his Republican colleague yesterday on the House floor, although he most likely didn't realize it would be picked up by his hot mic.

"Go fuck yourself," the Texas Republican told Rep. Darrell Issa — from California — under his breath when Issa wouldn't stop talking past his allotted time during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing yesterday. (Listen to video at :11 below, posted by Ben Jacobs.)

In the Republican-turned-MAGA party, in which words like "pussy" and "shithole" are now completely acceptable terms when referring to anything from lady parts to entire countries, you wouldn't think a quaint, old-timey expletive like "fuck" would even register with the angry right. But it must have, because McCaul later apologized:

"It was a long day, and I lost my temper. That is uncharacteristic of me and I apologize to Mr Issa, who I consider a friend," he said in a statement, via The Hill.