Jimmy Kimmel brutally mocks Trump for whining about Oscars "jail time" joke

During the Oscars on Sunday, host Jimmy Kimmel read one of Donald Trump's furious Truth Social posts on air, drawing raucous laughter from the audience.

Trump, further enraged, went on Fox News the next day, pretending to be pleased about the publicity.

Trump told the Fox reporter, "Just prior to the 'movie of the year,' which is the big one… he reads my 'truth' on air, he reads exactly what you read. And now the big story is they all begged him not to do it. 'Don't do it.' … He wants to, I guess, confront me, and he ends up, reading my 'truth!' I said, 'This guy's even dumber than I thought.' The thing with viral, all over the world now, and all he had to do was keep his mouth shut.'"

But as Kimmel pointed out on his show last night, the real reason Trump's post went viral was Kimmel's memorable line: "Isn't it past your jail time?"

This zinger became the most talked-about line from the awards show. Kimmel showed photos of the joke emblazoned on mugs, tank tops, backpacks and billboards. It was even chalked on the sidewalk in front of Trump's hotel and displayed on billboards.

The monologue ended with a fictional scene of a shirtless Trump clipping his toenails in bed next to a nauseated Melania, complaining nonstop about Kimmel until she vomits into a wastebasket.