Lego Fortnite has an island of cats, and I am here for it

Fortnite started with Save the World and its immensely popular Battle Royale mode. In 2018, Creative mode was added, with user-created islands, essentially allowing players to make their own games within the Fortnite ecosystem. Last year, Fortnite Experiences arrived, including Fortnite Festival, a rhythm game, Rocket Racing, a spin-off of Rocket League, and Lego Fortnite, a survival crafting game. Today, Epic announced that Fortnite creators can now make their own Lego Islands.

From Epic:

This is the latest to come from the long-term partnership between Epic Games and The LEGO Group – which kicked off in December 2023 with the launch of survival crafting adventure LEGO Fortnite. Since then, The LEGO Group has built and published several family-friendly LEGO Islands in Fortnite using UEFN for players to continue their LEGO gaming journey – of which three more exciting LEGO Islands were announced on stage at GDC:

LEGO Prop Hunt – builds on popular 'Prop Hunt' mechanics to create zany LEGO fun for you and other players within the expanse of a wacky shopping mall!

LEGO Battle Arena – allows gamers to become the next Spinjitzu master! You can enroll in special training at the LEGO NINJAGO Dojo with Lloyd and the Masters of Spinjitzu, where you can compete against other trainees, hone your skills, and prove yourself.

LEGO Cat Island Adventure – a playful game all about meeting and nurturing your relationship with a friendly cat on an island and spending time together. Players need to complete tasks to keep their cat happy, and they'll let you know if they are not!

That's right, now you can just hang out on an island with cats. 

I have a ridiculous number of cat-related games, so I had to visit Lego cat island immediately. There isn't really that much to it, but I love it anyway. You can feed and pet your cat and, of course, clean up its poop, which is sometimes rainbow-colored for some reason. 

Lego Fortnite cats apparently don't want to murder you when you bathe them and will immediately use their new cat tree when you build one, which makes me think whoever created this island doesn't know any actual cats. 

P.S. Boing Boing publisher Jason is still playing 'Fortnite' after all these years…