They will "torch the Constitution" — Liz Cheney says defeating GOP in 2024 is key to saving democracy

In a recent interview, former GOP congresswoman Liz Cheney painted a dire picture of the current state of the GOP and the perilous position of American democracy, and said the only way to save it is to make sure Democrats have majorities in both houses of Congress.

If you look at the Republican Party today, it has embraced an anti-constitutionalism that every single day, the hole seems to get deeper and deeper," Cheney said. She expressed doubts about whether the party can be rebuilt in its current form.

Looking ahead to the 2024 presidential election, Cheney emphasized the high stakes, especially when it comes to certifying the electoral college votes on January 6, 2025. She noted with that current Republican congressional leaders have refused to guarantee they will uphold the legitimate election results.

"The Speaker of the House won't say that Joe Biden was a duly elected president," Cheney pointed out. "So I believe that we're in a situation where the future of the democracy depends upon making sure the Republicans are not in the majority in the House and in the Senate in 2025."

Cheney acknowledged that this stance puts her at odds with many in her own party. "I say that as somebody who has significant disagreements with policies of many of my Democratic colleagues. But I think that we can survive bad policy. We can't survive leaders who are going to torch the Constitution."

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