Angry elephant terrifies tourists — who got too close — when it lifts and slams their safari truck

An angry elephant in South Africa terrified a bunch of tourists when it charged their safari truck, picking it up more than once and letting it crash hard to the ground. (See video below, posted by Latest Sightings.)

The tourists, most of them crouched low between the seats, can be heard whispering, with at least one person repeating the word "Jesus." Others smiled nervously, while at least one person cried once the truck was lifted. The standoff between the elephant and the driver lasted for minutes on end.

Meanwhile, the truck driver did everything he could to be loud — revving the engine, slamming his door, banging his hand on the truck, continuously shouting "Hey!" and "Come on!" — which, according to ABC News, was exactly what wildlife experts say one should do in this situation.

The trouble reportedly began, according to the tour company responsible for the outing (via ABC News), when the tourists "came too close to the elephant to take pictures and he started getting aggressive." Why the tour company, Mankwe Game Trackers, wasn't more responsible in keeping the guests at a safer distance is unclear, but the Pilanesberg National Park, where this took place, claims it is investigating.

Fortunately, nobody — including the poor elephant — was injured, but at least one family was left "extremely rattled," and "had been offered counseling."