"Machine with Wishbone" is a moving sculpture by Arthur Ganson

Machine with Wishbone is an awesome moving sculpture by Arthur Ganson.

The piece features a wishbone, attached to a machine. The two objects depend on each other to move, and this involves the tiny wishbone pulling the large metal machine across the floor, connected by a wire.

My favorite thing about this piece is the way this contraption makes the wishbone look alive, like a pair of mighty little legs, taking its machine out for a spin. 

From Youtube:

"Caught in a symbiotic relationship, both the wishbone and the machine are unable to manifest fully without the other.  We drag our pasts with us and move according to unseen forces.  More and more, we interface with the world through our mental and technological creations."

See also: The Scare-Fox (1910) was a mechanical device created to scare foxes away from pheasants, and it looks like a fantastic piece of folk art