NBC's attempt to court rightwing audience blows up in its face

NBC hosts are unhappy with the decision to add former RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniels, who assisted in Donald Trump's attempt to steal an election, as a contributor.

It's unsurprising after prior failed hires, and it's proof that NBC absolutely will not learn a lesson: the attempt to hire Ronna McDaniels is being met with a wall of nope. Tonight's installment of Rachel Maddow's show will likely have a choice few comments. McDaniels hire is uglier than Spicer dancing with the traitorous stars. Rumors are the reason NBC did this was payback for rights to a debate:

Insiders are waiting and watching to see if McDaniel survives the uproar, according to Politico's Ryan Lizza, who adds that McDaniel likely secured the gig after she helped the network land a Republican presidential debate over competing networks.

"Through that process McDaniel built a good rapport with NBC News executives Carrie Budoff Brown, senior vice president of politics, and Rebecca Blumenstein, president of editorial. They secured a deal, at a price: McDaniel insisted MSNBC could not simulcast the debate," Lizza writes.