A drunken anti-vaxxer was kicked off an airplane for his dumb remarks

Anti-vaxx actor Forrie J. Smith said something stupid and got kicked off a plane, so naturally, he took to social media to gripe.

I had never heard of Forrie J. Smith before this, so good work on the PR front! It seems the drunken anti-vaxxer found themself kicked off an airplane after making a statement about a fellow passenger's mask making Smith uncomfortable. Perhaps being drunk and approaching disorderly was enough for the flight crew to say Just Say No. Looking to social media for a sympathetic ear, Forrie J. Smith continued to sound pathetic.

The actor known for playing Lloyd Pierce on Paramount Network's megahit drama Yellowstone posted a video to social media Saturday explaining how he had been left stranded at a Houston airport.

"I just got kicked off a plane in … Houston, Texas," Smith said. "Because I told them I didn't feel comfortable sitting next to someone with a mask on."

Smith said he was drinking in his video posted to Instagram.
"Yeah, I've been drinking. I've been sitting in the airport for three hours," he said. "Yeah, I'm drinking. But I ain't drunk. But they throwed me off the plane because I'm drunk."

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