Defying all logic, anti-vaxxers hold a convention

Finding themselves alienated by people who understand the social contract that is the United States and who fear communicable diseases, anti-vaxxers gathered together in one indoor space.

Anti-vaxxers are working to pull together a system of services that will take their business, as they are increasingly finding that they are being shut out of systems and places that respect others. The problem is every time we get a concentration of them together, they risk spreading any one of many deadly but preventable diseases.

"They got destroyed in kind of the media sphere. They were depicted as this kind of backwater, Bible-thumping dummies," he said. "They retreated from the public, and they created a kind of network, a kind of parallel society, their own publishing houses, their own media, their own magazines, newsletters and so on."

But the entrepreneurs gathered in Vegas represent a broader fusion of communities reacting to years of COVID-19, stolen election narratives and transgender visibility, he said. A shared, embattled subculture.

"They feel like they're on the outs," said Amarasingam. "They believe that the governments are against them, intellectuals are against them, that science is moving in the opposite direction, that science education is moving in the opposite direction. So they just see a lot of trends that they feel are against traditional Christian values, family values."

And adding in a spoonful of current-day conspiracism helps to frame the building of a separate, untainted economy as a matter of survival.


The issue might be self-solving. Regardless of how often we beg these people to protect themselves, they keep stepping out in front of that bus.