Karine Jean-Pierre expertly handles an insincere question

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shut down a radio host looking to invent a story.

It is an interesting thing that the issues conservatives have to pick with President Biden are all invented, and they can't hit him on real issues. Still beating on the drum of "Biden is old and has dementia" while President Biden gives coherent and clearly informed speeches on the campaign trail all day and night is not working out for them. When asked again about the President's mental health by someone with nothing tangible to say, Karine Jean-Pierre quickly straightened them out, and the instant the interviewer's clock had run its allotted time, she gracefully noped out of the interview.

"You're taking us down this rabbit hole," Jean-Pierre replied. "Let me be very clear about this. For the past several years, the president's physician has laid out very, in a comprehensive way, the president's health. This is a president — if you watch him every day, if you really pay attention to his record and what he has done, you will see exactly how focused he's been on the American people, how historic his actions have been. And so I'm not even going to truly… take the premise of your question. I think it is incredibly insulting. And so we can move on to the next question."

Jean-Pierre then answered a question about grocery and gas prices before saying goodbye to the host. "And with that, thank you so much, Mark. Have an amazing, amazing day," she said, ending the call.