Ronna Romney McDaniel wants NBC to pay up

Rather than slink away and let her lawyers try to turn her brief tenure at NBC into a huge payday, Ronna Romney McDaniel is leaning into the attention economy.

Ronna Romney McDaniel was a horrible RNC Chair, just like she was a horrendous NBC on-air consultant for all of 20 minutes. However, McDaniel was an extraordinary accomplice to Donald Trump and his election subversion plot. After NBC hired her, there was an uprising, and then she was fired. You'd expect McDaniel to take a settlement check and walk away. Instead, she wants to sue for defamation. The discovery on that would be pretty hilarious and you know its not very likely to happen.

"McDaniel spoke yesterday with Bryan Freedman, renowned lawyer to the estranged cable-news stars, to discuss legal options even beyond recouping the dollar value of her original contract," Politico reports. "While no arrangement is final, a person close to McDaniel tells us, Freedman would be an obvious choice: He represented Megyn Kelly in her own acrimonious parting with NBC, as well as ousted anchors Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson in disputes with their respective former networks."

"McDaniel, we're told, is exploring potential defamation and hostile work environment torts after MSNBC's top talent — momentarily her colleagues — took turns Monday blasting her on air. (NBC declined to comment about the $600,000 figure or her potential claims.)"

Politico also reports that on Sunday, after Chuck Todd's on-air remarks denouncing McDaniel's hiring after her "Meet the Press" interview, McDaniel "heard directly" from NBC News' senior vice president of politics, Carrie Budoff Brown, and NBC News' president of editorial, Rebecca Blumenstein, saying "that they'd have her back and the controversy would pass, according to the McDaniel ally."

NBCUniversal News Group chair Cesar Conde sent an email to employees Tuesday announcing the network had cut ties with McDaniel. But Politico reports, neither Conde nor any other "top NBC brass" communicated to McDaniel directly before the email went out that she was done at the network.


Expect McDaniel to appear on OAN or Newsmax soon. She'll rail about liberal cancel culture and how she has suffered. Hiring McDaniel is worse than Dancing with Spicer by far, she made phone calls trying to get the election invalidated and offered to supply legal aid to those who might attempt it.