"Trust me, I'm the daughter-in-law of Donald Trump," says woman put in place to ransack RNC

Trying to ease fears about financial trustworthiness, the daughter-in-law of a loser struggling to post a bond in an appeal to his fraud conviction says "Trust me."

Trump has spend little to none of his own money on his legal defense, or campaigns. The RNC has less and less money to consider helping any candidates downstream of the Orange Menace, and it is unclear how much they'll have left to spend on the campaign after funneling cash into PACs used for legal defense. Keep on donating, says Lara.

Donald Trump has spent more than $100 million on lawyers and other legal costs associated with the various lawsuits and criminal charges filed against him, according to a new analysis.

The New York Times analysis found the former president spent more than $90,000 a day on average on legal costs for more than three years — although none of it was paid with his own money, but instead came almost entirely from donations raised as he fought against his 2020 election loss.

However, those accounts are nearly empty, so Trump must decide whether to pay his own staggering legal fees or find another source of financing.