Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg gets another 5 months inside for lying on stand

Allen Weisselberg, former Chief Financial Officer for the Trump Organization, is off to jail for five months after admitting he lied to protect his old boss—in court, twice. The double perjury conviction was handed down in a brief 2-minute appearance and the sentence agreed to by prosecutors.

Weisselberg, 76, is now an inmate at Rikers Island, according to the New York City Department of Correction's database. It's his second stint at Rikers; the first began in January 2023 and ended three months later. … Weisselberg was accused of committing perjury in a deposition and during testimony in Trump's trial, including allegedly lying when he said in July 2020 that he learned Trump's triplex apartment had been overvalued from a Forbes report, but really knew about it well beforehand, Bragg's office said.

Some folks are upset at how light the sentence is, but looking into typical sentences for this crime I hit on a story about an NYPC cop convicted of perjury who got no time at all and various stories about how corrupt courts are in New York anyway.

His ruling ordered Weisselberg to pay the $1 million he's already received from his $2 million separation agreement from the company as "ill-gotten gains."

The remainder would be a fine payday for 100 days of doing nothing, even if you're doing it at Rikers, and Weisselberg's real compensation was surely not on the books anyway. Consider yourself sentenced to stop looking for justice in the wrong places.

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