Texas Republicans push death penalty for women who get abortions and IVF (video)

Horrifying undercover footage (see below) shows Texas Republican officials supporting the death penalty for women who get an abortion or IVF treatments. And this includes rape and incest victims, as well as minors.

During a meeting in Hood County, many elected officials — including Constable Scott London, Hood County GOP Chair Steve Biggers, and Hood County GOP Chair candidate Greg Harrell — discussed the importance of punishing women who get IVF the same way you'd punish a woman who seeks abortion: women from both camps should be charged with murder. And executing these women would be proper punishment.

"Other forms of abortion…would include IVF, when a fertilized egg is created and is often times destroyed. Those that do [IVF] are terminating or destroying a human life," said Paul Brown, director of Abolish Abortion Texas (AATX), the Republican group that gave the presentation and that, according to Meidas Touch Network, is also trying to get contraception outlawed.

"Their lives [women] don't matter any more than the babies they are killing," he said. 

(See footage below, posted by Adrienne Quinn Martin, who chairs Hood County Democrats and who secretly shot the video.)

From MTN:

[The meeting was] hosted by the group True Texas Project, which has been labeled as an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and has ties to white nationalist Nick Fuentes. True Texas Project has hosted events with Ted Cruz and disgraced Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. …

One particularly disturbing section shows Brown suggesting, without any evidence, that women who are the victims of rape are happier if they don't abort their non-consensual pregnancy and carry their rapist's fetus to term, than are women who terminate a pregnancy caused by rape. Several members of the audience chime in with their agreement, offering support for the claim again without any scientific study or evidence. …

At one point Greg Harrell says, "I agree with everything you have said, and I'm absolutely on board…ok let's talk about minor women [Here the video reminds everyone that minors are children and not women]. The bible assigns responsibility for that woman in the father's household to the father…so what do we do in that case?"

Brown replies, "Yes the father is responsible. We hold the father responsible for raising the family. Well, that doesn't mean that we are going to charge a father with murder in the event that a woman [his minor child] gets an abortion." …

In other words, if a child is raped and doesn't want to carry their rapist's fetus to term, the major concern of this group is that the child's father receives no punishment. Nor the rapist. Just the child. And that punishment should include death if necessary.

It should be noted that not one person in the meeting pushed back on the GOP's nightmarish plans, which will most certainly be pushed across Texas and the rest of the country if MAGA gets their way in 2024.

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