Woman harasses package delivery person

This Gentleperson, who does not seem to want her neighbors to be able to receive packages, is an expert on residential parking.

I know that this concerned citizen and bad samaritan is annoying, but holy cow, the smugness at the end really does it! Do you now who she is? I wonder if the internet is gonna help out there? A delivery person is dropping off something that a neighbor of hers ordered and must want, but this woman is just lonely.

Delivery people are working hard and not trying to park in places to upset residents. I live in a neighborhood where parking is a real scarcity and frequently DoorDash, UberEats, and Amazon will use my extra space for a few minutes to drop off something for a neighbor. They are always welcome to do so. Douchebags parking to go to the beach get a tow truck called and its always fun to see if they make it back before the bajillion dollar LA towing industry gets them.