Animal lover cares for hat

European hedgehogs are adorable and endangered. In the 50s, there were 36 million hedgehogs, and only around 500,000 today. The culprit? Cars, cars, and more cars. Rescue organizations try to enact policies that help the little critters cross safely. They also rehabilitate the ones that they can save after being struck by a vehicle or babies that are left behind when a mom hedgehog is killed.

A concerned animal lover brought a baby hedgehog to an animal rescue in Cheshire, England. She had found it on the side of the road, and it wasn't moving.  She didn't touch it for fear of scaring it or harming it any further. 

From the Independent:

Concerned it "hadn't moved or pooped all night" despite being given cat food, she anxiously waited for the vet to come back into the lobby to deliver some painful news: "It's not a hedgehog – it is a hat bobble."

I had to look up what a bobble is. It's a pom-pom. 

The staff posted on Facebook:

 "Our hearts melted as a kind soul thought she was rescuing a baby hedgehog, only to discover it was a fluffy pom-pom from a bobble hat. This adorable 'hoglet' still got all the love, complete with some cosy TLC.

I hope this lovely woman keeps rescuing hedgehogs. They need the help.