Billionaire bro decides to bail Trump out of bond troubles

In a move no one understands outside of billionaires making sure billionaires get billionaire treatment, a billionaire has curried favor with the Orange Menace.

A fellow billionaire, Mr. Don Hankey, has offered Donald J. Trump funds to post bond through one of his insurance companies. The same billionaire is believed to also own the bank that loaned Trump several hundred million against some of his overvalued properties right around the time New York began its lawsuit against the Trump crime family for fraud in 2022. Hankey doesn't need the money, so he isn't worried about being paid, and he saw that his friend bought a Supreme Court Justice, so he wants a President!

But the person who bankrolled the bond is an interesting figure — and one who already has a number of financial ties to the former president, MSNBC legal expert Lisa Rubin noted on X.

"The company that underwrote Trump's bond tonight in the NY Attorney General's civil fraud case, Knight Specialty Insurance Co., is owned by Don Hankey, the so-called 'king of subprime car loans.' But that's not all," wrote Rubin.

"Hankey, who is #128 on Forbes's 2023 list and #317 on the 2023 Forbes billionaires list, made his money in auto services. But he is also believed to be the largest shareholder in Axos Bank."

"It's the financial institution that refinanced Trump's loans on Trump Tower and Doral in 2022. Specifically, Axos has loaned Trump $100 million in his refinancing of Trump Tower and another $125 million for Doral," she wrote. "Both loans are not due until 2032, according to the Office of Government Ethics disclosure Trump made in August 2023." She finished off with a table showing Trump's liabilities on that disclosure form.