Donald Trump violates extended gag order after 1 day — because he can (video)

Naturally, it looks like Donald Trump has violated his extended gag order less than 24 hours after he was told not to harass the New York judge's family members. (Let's face it, "gagging" King Trump is a joke in this two-tiered system of ours.)

Early this morning, Trump posted Fox News footage repeating the lie that Justice Juan M. Merchan's daughter, Loren Merchan, had posted a photo of Trump behind bars. "Trump violates his gag order this morning by posting a clip of Brian Kilmeade repeating the same fake story about a fake social media account supposedly from the judge's daughter that led to the gag order being extended," wrote Meidas Touch editor Ron Filipkowski, along with the clip (see post below).

In reality, the photo appeared on an X account that no longer belonged to Ms. Merchan, but of course facts never matter in MAGAland. What matters to the mad mob is that Trump has been barred from inciting violence against individuals he does not like.

And, knowing that there are no real consequences, the one-term, 91-times charged ex-president will continue to do whatever the hell he wants.