Play as a destructive pomeranian in this free game

In Doronko Wanko, which means "Muddy Puppy," you are a cute pomeranian who has just moved into a lovely new home with your humans. Your mission is to destroy as much as possible in a sort of reverse Powerwash Simulator

You start with mud that you can roll in and shake all over the place. As the cost of the damage you have caused increases, you unlock more powerful methods of destruction and, of course, cute hats. You can roll around in anything you knock over, including paint and wine, to add more color to your destruction.

Doronko Wanko is short but a lot of fun – and did I mention it's free? The game starts in Japanese by default, so I played a bonus game of figuring out the Japanese characters for "options" and "language" to switch the language to English. This helpful comment will tell you what to click on if you aren't in the mood for a language lesson. This game was developed as part of Bandai Namco Studio's rookie training program, along with Nottolot, a robot hacking game, and Boomeroad, an action-adventure game. All three games are free to keep.