A montage of Trump claiming to be the expert (video)

That bloviating fount of nonsense Donald J. Trump thinks the world of himself is nothing new, but this collection of self-praise is hilarious.


Perhaps Republicans are beginning to question the insanity Trump publicly displays as a deficiency:

According to Punchbowl News, "Two-thirds of Republican K Street leaders (66%) doubt Trump's mental acuity and physical fitness to serve as president, our latest survey of downtowners found. Meanwhile, Democratic K Street leaders seem more confident in Biden's physical and mental capacity to serve. More than half of Democratic respondents (54%) said they are unconcerned about Biden's cognitive and overall health."

This comes amid ongoing debate in the media and among political observers about the unprecedented age of the presidential contenders for 2024: President Joe Biden is 81, while Trump is 77; either would become the oldest person ever elected president.