Libs of TikTok founder laughed at when she speaks about "wokeness" and then can't define it (video)

The angry founder of Libs of TikTok — the book-banning, anti-LGBTQ, Covid-denying, Big Lie, conspiratorial social media group — spoke to students at Indiana University about the horrors of "wokeness." But when asked to define what "wokeness" means, uhhh, Chaya Raichik was at a loss for words.

"It's in our schools, it's on college campuses, it is in the workforce, it is in the streets, it's when you go to the store," she began, sounding like a movie trailer for The Blob Part 2. "I mean, like, you can't do anything in peace without this wokeness being shoved down your throat wherever you go," she said at a poorly attended Republican event hosted by MAGA Congressman Jim Banks.

Raichik then made the mistake of asking if there were any questions, and was faced with a real stumper when someone asked what "wokeness" was. "Wokeness is the destruction of normalacy, and…and…um….uh…" Raichik finally gave up and pointed to Rep. Banks, hoping he was more skilled at making something up on the spot. (See video below, posted by Bryce Greene.)

As the Advocate so perfectly put it, "Raichik's attempts to articulate her stance revealed a significant gap between her online rhetoric and her ability to engage in meaningful discourse on the topics she frequently attacks on social media." And sadly, that is the case across the board with anything related to the hatemongering far-right.