MAGA math! Truth Social price-to-sales ratio is 2500. Most tech stocks are about 5.5

Folks, let me tell you, and this yuge — we've done something absolutely incredible, absolutely fantastic with DJT stock. You're not going to believe it, but our price to sales ratio, and this is true, it's 2500. 2500, can you believe it? 2500. It has never happened in the entire history of the stock market, believe me.

Now, compare that to the average tech stock, they're floundering with a measly 5.5. Can you believe it? Only 5.5! It's a disaster. We are outperforming them by a factor that's, frankly, unbelievable. There's no one, I mean no one, with a more expensive stock than ours. And people are buying it like crazy. It's true. Sometimes I wish it wasn't true, because I would buy it for myself. But I'm not greedy. I have enough. It's your turn to buy it, and you should buy a lot because if you don't there's a 100% chance that there will be a major terrorist attack in the United States or many attacks maybe. But it's simply incredible what we've achieved, truly amazing.

The Real Thelma Johnson has a slightly different take:

Now I'm just an old woman who doesn't know anything about the stock market. But per the price-to-sales (P/S) ratio formula, where you divide the market capitalization amount by the total revenue amount, if a company's market capitalization value is $8,200,000,000 and its total revenue is $3,200,000, its price-to-sales ratio is 8,200,000 / 3,200,000, or 2562.5 whereas the average P/S ratio in technology is a 5.5 meaning this is a meme and in a fairly short period of time you're going to lose all your f*cking money.

By way of comparison, NVIDIA, one of the hottest tech companies right now, has a price to sales ratio of about 50, and people are complaining that it is way over priced.

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