San Francisco's Millennium Tower is not so fixed

The declared successful fix for San Francisco's Millennium Tower has created new problems.

Instead of tilting to the side, the Millennium Tower is sinking in the center. As the foundation "dishes," it may crack, allow water intrusion, and create a whole host of other problems. The tower is also not settling "to the other side" as anticipated and leveling out nearly as quickly, or as much, as famed building engineer Ron Hamburger had predicted.

The engineer of the so-called fix of the troubled Millennium Tower in San Francisco recently acknowledged there's been less than expected tilt improvement over the first six months of the $120 million project's completion.

The advanced model designed to predict the tower's behavior had forecast as much as four inches of tilt correction within six months after the leaning high-rise was anchored on two sides to bedrock.

While the tower is no longer sinking anymore at the corner, and has reversed some settlement there, data shows there's only been about an inch of tilt reversal, a quarter of what the model had predicted.

NBC Bay Area