Choose your Mario Kart build with this polished interactive illustration of the Pareto frontier

Enjoy Antoine Mayerowitz's amazingly polished guide to Pareto frontiers, posed as a method to optimize your Mario Kart driver, kart and loadout combination to the characteristics of the course.

We've had a bit of fun here, but don't you see the pattern? We're often faced with similar trade-offs. You want a meal that's both cheap and delicious? A job that's both well-paid, easy, and fulfilling? A portfolio with low risks and high returns? A flexible and strong material that's also easy to produce? A fair taxation that remains efficient ? A high quality LLM that is also fast and cost-efficient. In all these cases, you're facing a multi-objective optimization problem, and you have to make trade-offs.

Peach in a teddy buggy with roller tires and the cloud glider is where it's at, but you can't go far wrong with Luigi. The presentation builds on work by Henry H.