Arsonist targets Bernie Sanders' office; no-one hurt in fire

A man sprayed a flammable liquid on the door of Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders' office in Burlington and set fire to it Friday. No-one was hurt in the fire, which was soon extinguished, and police released a security still showing the suspect.

The suspect has not been apprehended, and there is no known motive, according to police.

"We are grateful to the Burlington Fire and Police Departments who responded immediately today to a fire incident that took place in our office building," said Sanders' state director Kathryn Van Haste in a statement. "We are relieved that no one on our staff and, to our understanding, no one in the building was harmed."

According to a recent press release, threats to members of congress have gone from about 5000 a year to about 8000 a year since Trump became president.

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