Greedy MAGA Rep Andrew Clyde who snatched up $156,697 loan forgiveness for himself, says students be forced to pay their loans

Of all the bizarre MAGA kooks in Congress, Andrew Clyde just might be the weirdest.

Clyde, you'll remember, is the same lunatic who tried to rewrite the history of the January 6th attack, claiming the violent rioters who injured cops and smeared excrement on the walls of the Capitol were just "normal tourists," despite photos of Clyde frantically moving furniture to barricade the doors from the normal tourists, and screaming in terror as he cowered behind a Secret Service agent, aiming his gun at the normal tourists who had breached the Capitol that day.

Like a true MAGA congressman, Clyde never explained why he was shrieking in fear that day. He never explains anything. And when people ask him questions that he is too embarrassed to answer, he either runs away or completely ignores them. One look at his Twitter feed is a depressing list of accusations, many of which start with his favorite line "Make no mistake." When people call him out for his lies, he ignores them and moves on to a new accusation. No wonder the Republican voters of Georgia love him so much. They have found one of their own.

Tour guide Clyde's latest tweet is meant to shame the Biden administration for forgiving the loan debt of college students. "Joe Biden once again announces that he will transfer millions more in student debt onto the backs of hardworking taxpayers," tweeted the unctuous congressman. "This scam is nothing more than a desperate attempt to buy votes with Americans' hard-earned money."

The White House replied to Clyde's tweet with the perfect mic-drop: "Congressman Clyde had $156,697 of debt forgiven from a PPP loan."

So far Tour Guide Clyde has remained silent on the matter, as is his habit, but his MAGA cult followers are scrambling to defend their dear leader's shameful behavior. One claimed that PPP loans and student loans are "not even remotely close to being the same thing." Uh, newsflash: they're both government-backed loans that taxpayers are ultimately on the hook for. The only difference is that Clyde was happy to take the handout, while he's throwing a tantrum over students getting a fraction of the relief.

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