Back alley Botox a bad idea, officials warn

Botox is the same neurotoxin than causes botulism, prepared carefully to make it safe to inject into people's faces. But what if we saved a buck or two and just inject some DIY botulism into people's faces?

Two cases of symptoms similar to botulism have been reported in Illinois of people who received injections in LaSalle County of Botox or a similar possibly counterfeit product. The Illinois Department of Public Health is working with the LaSalle County Health Department and the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation on the investigation of the cluster. A similar cluster was also reported by the Tennessee Department of Health.

The two individuals in Illinois reported symptoms similar to botulism such as blurred/double vision, droopy face, fatigue, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, hoarse voice following injection with either Botox or a possibly counterfeit version of the product. Both were hospitalized. Both had received injections from a licensed nurse in LaSalle County who was performing work outside her authority.

"Be on the lookout for patients with symptoms that resemble botulism," state health officials helpfully warn.

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