In 1948, Idaho relocated 75 beavers by parachuting them

Beavers are a keystone species and are also pretty cute. However, they have not always been appreciated as they should be. In 1948, after residents complained about beaver-related damage, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game decided to take action. Thankfully, they decided on relocation rather than eradication, which seems very progressive for 1948. 

Previous relocations via pack animals were "arduous, prolonged, expensive, and resulted in high mortality among the beavers," according to an article in the Journal of Wildlife Management. "Rough trips on pack animals are very hard on them. Horses and mules become spooky and quarrelsome when loaded with a struggling, odorous pair of live beavers." 

Enter the beaver drop. The department designed a crate that could be dropped by parachute and open automatically upon landing. A total of 75 beavers were successfully relocated. [via Mental Floss]

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