Here's the heartwarming story of a rescued beaver named Beave

I just love this story of Beave the Beaver and his experiences with Nancy, a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist who mainly focuses on rehabbing beavers.

In this video, Nancy recounts how three-week-old Beave was found abandoned on side of the road, and was brought to her rehab for help. She took care of him for about two years as he slowly gained his independence. While being rehabilitated, he came and went as he pleased, spending part of his time in the large pond on the rehab's property, and part of his time in Nancy's house, playing, snuggling, and creating dams out of shoes, rugs, pillows, sticks, and more. 

After this video was made, Nancy continued documenting Beave's journey on her TikTok, where I learned that he eventually left the property to strike out on his own. Nancy is currently rehabilitating a beaver named Bea, who is almost ready to head back into the wild. Nancy has also been working with another new beaver who is making great progress and will soon be leaving, as well.

The videos Nancy posts to TikTok are terrific—they are both entertaining and educational. Through watching, I've learned so much about beavers and about the rehabbing process. Plus, as a bonus, the beavers are just infinitely adorable. If you like wildlife, I highly recommend following Nancy on TikTok!