Donald Trump's "mud brown" face compared to grotesque monster in scathing 5-minute MSNBC segment (video)

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell took five minutes last night to describe Donald Trump the way one might describe the monstrous MAGA leader if he were a grotesque creature from the black lagoon. And his "mud brown" face is not a good look, Lawrence said, for the indicted man who will face potential jurors in a Manhattan court on Monday during his hush money trial's jury selection process. (See video below, posted by Meidas Touch.)

"Now, we normally don't allow Donald Trump to occupy your full television screen during this program," Lawrence warned, the way a television station might warn viewers that what they are about to see is for a mature audience only.

"But for this one time, as you consider yourself sitting there on Monday in the position of a juror looking at him, let's look at what they will actually see without hearing a word from Donald Trump."

Lawrence then put up a full-screen image of what looks like a mad, bellowing Trump, his mouth wide open. "That's a picture of him when he's trying to look his absolute best in his campaign video, which in his mind includes a face partially covered in some form of homemade bronzer in which he always forgets the ears," Lawrence continued.

"In contrast to the mud brown that he has decided makes him look his best — and to some eyes, actually makes him look like a horror movie character. That is not a face you want to present to a criminal jury," he said.

"Those jurors will be listening to Judge Merchan's questions while having trouble fighting the urge to sneak a peek at that profoundly strange-looking man sitting at the defense table."

Lawrence eventually veers from attacking Trump's physical appearance to explain why the Big Liar will be silent during his criminal trial — "because it is impossible … for Donald Trump to testify under oath without committing perjury" — but then comes right back to deliver a final below-the-belt jab:

"So with Donald Trump unable to testify in his own defense, the only thing he brings to his defense is that silent, discolored face — a face that lies to you without Donald Trump saying a word, a face that claims to be a color of brown that is betrayed by his 77-year-old pink ears, a face that is topped by hair that is lying to you about exactly where Donald Trump's hairline might actually be…" Lawrence says, before dramatically concluding:

"And what those jurors will see, on that face, every day, in that courtroom, is a lie. "