Can Westworld creators crack the code for a great Fallout adaptation?

I like the Fallout games though they're not in my personal gaming pantheon. (Since you asked, that would include TLOU, TLOU 2, Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, RDR2, Horizon Zero Dawn and Dark Forces.) I've always been intrigued by the world of Fallout so I'm definitely interested to see how such a sprawling, open world game might be adapted to the screen. 

The TV series, which dropped on April 11th on Amazon Prime, comes with primo pedigree: Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, who created Westworld, are executive producers. For me, the first season of Westworld was one of the great seasons of TV ever (before it dissolved into a puddle of brain-melting nonsense in later years.) So this is a must sample. Vulture has a nice preview:

Set in a retro-futurist America where pockets of survivors were driven into underground enclosures known as "vaults" after a nuclear holocaust, Fallout plays out its eight-episode season across several threads primarily anchored by three characters. 

I love that Joy and Nolan are not afraid to tackle big, difficult themes and build complex puzzle boxes, even at the risk of confusing (alienating?) the viewer. Patience is required but is so worth the effort.

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