Murderer Kyle Rittenhouse survives on the attention economy

Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed two men and wounded a third, shares a video of people shouting him down because he survives as a bullshit second amendment martyr.

Cheerful for a guy being reminded he killed two people, Kyle Rittenhouse shares this video because he thinks it makes him a Second Amendment hero. I'm sharing it because it shows what a smug and unrepentant POS the guy is.

I am confused about what or why any school pays for Rittenhouse to speak. I have to believe the audience inside was even smaller than the crowd of protestors. A lot of tiny college Republican clubs must be bored.

While Rittenhouse delivered his speech, News 5 saw both supporters and protesters like Khori Davis in attendance, who told News 5 she came to diminish his attention.

"I think that what he has to say it really invalidates people's experience. It invalidates the fact that he hurt people," said Davis.

Cleveland News5

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