My cats go nuts for this YouTube channel

I keep my cats indoors for their safety and the safety of all the creatures they would undoubtedly murder outside. I make it up to them by making their lives as enjoyable as possible. One thing my cats love is YouTube. Specifically, they love Paul Dinning Wildlife, a channel full of beautiful videos of birds and other small critters for my cats to stalk virtually. Many videos are eight hours long, far longer than any cat will pay attention to anything or even stay awake.

I love his description of the channel:

I started my youtube channel to showcase the birds and wildlife in Cornwall UK. Although the videos were very well received they did not get very many views. I then decided to title a video "Video for Cats" and I was shocked and amazed at the feedback and how many views and subscribers I got. I had no idea that people even searched for videos for cats or cat tv etc. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has watched and subscribed to my channel over the years.

They really are lovely, peaceful videos for humans as well as animals. This one has birds gathering at a tiny picnic table:

Here are some close-up squirrels who were enormous when I put this up on my TV. 

There are also some videos for dogs, but my dogs did not find this video of cows relaxing, although they enjoy barking at them.

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