Watch: Kayaking a river in Norway on a gorgeous Spring day

“Feels like summer in Norway,” says Tomasz Furmanek, who shot and shared this serene and beautiful video of kayaking down a lazy river on a beautiful April day. Read the rest

Sweet Samoyed dog loves gentle strokes on his floofy head

Aww, so soothing to watch this sweet Samoyed get loving pats on his fuzzy floofy head, from his human. Read the rest

Sloth very clear on importance of chewing food slowly

“Tell tha chef it's excellent.” Read the rest

WATCH: Live shark cam, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Having a rough day? Relax! These adorable sharks are on the other side of the glass. Read the rest

Take a deep dive into the ASMR world of soap carving

Carving soap bars into tiny cubes is apparently so satisfying visually and aurally that there's a whole series of videos depicting its many pleasures. Read the rest

Surfing on extremely fluffy powder snow

You may be expecting a typically wild blend of natural wonder and action-cam chaos. But not everyday is Monday.

Rider: AlexFilmer: Ryan Edit: Kurtis [Jackson]

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Pilot's view of landing in New Zealand

That, at least, is the description of this enchanting and relaxing video; for all I know it could be anywhere on earth more rugged than Belgium. The lack of sourcing or detail suggests the embed's ganked (and the watermark is for someone else's video-ganking channel!) so if you know where this comes from, do tell. Read the rest

ASMR: whispering chinface

I'm still not sure about this whole whispery Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response thing, but it's nice to see Robert Blake still getting work. Read the rest