Meet Fuzai, China's first police corgi

Stipulating for the record that "adorable corgi" is redundant, I am pleased to report that an adorable corgi named Fuzai has become China's first police corgi.

From the South China Morning Post:

Wang Yanan, head of the Weifang Public Security Bureau's Police Dog Base, said that at two months old, Fuzai's abilities had already exceeded many of his peers, making him "a more progressive Corgi".

As a reserve police dog, Fuzai embarked on a rigorous training regime, encompassing daily morning and afternoon sessions that covered a variety of disciplines, including obedience, bomb detection and scent work.

My favorite part of this video is when Fuzai's person is carrying him as a backpack, while the big dogs walk. Work smarter, not harder, Fuzai!

I am not entirely convinced this isn't some publicity stunt, but honestly, it's a police corgi, so I can't be mad. Also, as an (ahem) smaller-statured person, I am rooting for the little guy.

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