Deep-sleeping doggo refuses to wake up without this 6-step routine (video)

Getting "back to work after the holiday" is no easy feat for most people — nor for one 110-pound pooch, as seen in the relatable video below (posted by lulu_andtuktuk).

In fact, waking up the zonked out American Bully required a 6-step routine, which included: lifting him, kissing him on the head three times, placing his front legs on the floor (while his hind legs remained dead on the bed), massaging his hips, firmly patting him on the lower back, and then spotting him as his hind legs finally slid off the bed to a standing position.

And by the looks of this doggo's TikTok page, where a drawn-out wake-up routine is the norm, every day seems to be a holiday for this big guy.

Via ParadePets
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