The classic Pepper's Ghost illusion, with a Peep marshmallow

This incredible Pepper's Ghost illusion includes a musical Peep marshmallow. If you aren't familiar with the technique, a Pepper's Ghost illusion is a 3D floating hologram that you can build yourself at home.

The Pepper's Ghost in this video takes things to the next level, as it's interactive and wired so that it morphs and changes shape when a keyboard is played. This project looks like so much fun to make and play with!

From Youtube:

"Here's a bit of process for an Easter-themed "Pepper's Ghost" project. First, I filmed some marshmallow Peeps against a black background, adjusted the contrast, and then brought it into VDMX5 from @vidvox to hook it up with real-time audio cues. Then, I made some squeaky sounds with a @stylophone_official Stylophone and a beat with my synthesizers. I set up a glass cylinder with a reflector inside at a 45 degree angle to catch the reflection of my video from the tube of a small Sony Trinitron television. Then, I set up my camera and recorded the result. Happy Easter."

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